Friday, November 23, 2007


A person/person:


Thanks, Tom:

babe, dear:

Melissa and Andy:


For Amy:

One last: Fuck, Shit

Yo: Tom:

One last Tom

Go, worth,


but, maybe,


Nina Simone: space

A last thought day:

Search all Nina Simone and listen, lean, fall, and fill-in: rock,

a biginnning:

but do not end there,


bed in too:

and get all tonight sad inside this place ... this place ...

find the

find all over, her

Why Poetry, Why?




Today is the next day, things done in a day for this, odd, done. Morning. Young. Wrapped. Um. U. U. U.:

IE: watch:








Sunday, November 18, 2007


anyone know how to get a hold of tom waits?


A long time ago I wrote to the Academy of American Poets and asked if they would please have an audio addition to the Bukowski poems already on their site (there are a number of his poems audio). I think I wasn’t nice and got an email back saying they would consider it and to please stop being so un-nice. I agree. One should be nice. But, I was speaking for a dead poet that did appear in Poetry (yes, I saw it for myself in the Portland Public Library downtown). So, there still isn’t an audio of him on the esteemed site. I don’t blame. I can see why one wouldn’t want to support … wait, he’s on the site. He was in Poetry. What, then, can we say about esteemed? Not that esteemed isn’t right, no, it is. And also input. I guess my question is, is poetry a site? A site for non-site. Or, a site-to see? A site-to-be-site-and-see-site? Ah, of course, sites are important. Which? Ah, see the sites.

But, if you get the chance, do listen to Berryman read his poem at AAP (it’s terribly wonderful). So, there’s your site.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Space: Box (newest) and old:

wait for it, wait, wait:


Space: mad: mission

bubble: you bubble:
everything will change:
in fingers under nails
how hands make
sing: there are
a million things to be
to make it all it all true
it’s easy
hard in today
water the plant
(sound)s like

Friday, November 09, 2007

Iron Art Challenge

If memory serves me, I have been challenged by art, so …

I challenge artists to make (peaceful) art in one hour:

Iron Art:

If a poet has an hour
if a sculpture is made in a hour
if paint is made in an hour
if something is made in an hour

This, then, challenges. Why? I have often been asked why.

My first question: a house:

Make a house: