Monday, April 23, 2007

Normative breakdown II

te hem: the agent again:
agent covering the agent
uncovers the agent
covered, says: agent, covered
(rock slight to degree the angle
here, slight, think rocking chair)
covered, covered so, hum.
And the agent (rem. agent?)
saw. Remembered: that’s the sucker,
that’s the sucker. And
fell all over love again
with the agent following
(of course). Fell all
over the agent: “happy … “
and the agent, suspicious,
said: “no” but said “yes”
and fell. Not so much the
“agent, what agent do you know”
but “agent, you agent”
and knew. (We knew.)
Te found the file and “te
ed that agent, the one
from the beginning
they (we) were looking for.
Last I heard: “was
locked up?”

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Normative Diary I

Statue made … medallion
akimbo smile crooked
loan cracked all laughs
or jump jump,
electrical or info or hey
eyes all over “god” over
whom that? says: “Imp
ossible wash, no back”
then. Along. Just
stacks and smell of stacks
plastic virile cold metal.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Heterocentric Problems II

Here is my rimes reaction to A Fine. I also think it has heteronormative problems of reproduction. Or maybe not. ?

The up and down side of our baby’s rococo crown
favored a certain destiny, that certain writ (we do not know Latin) dross
in the school yard. “What’s that?” Glow, spikes, Latin. “We’re not down
with your high-and-mighty.” Our baby bent a golden rod to floss
her first tooth. Oh, and it was not bad, we understood. A good toss
of bathwater we could never, so, drown,
maybe. But no, our baby is a good baby. If anything, we dropped the ball
on all chances of this normal that normal, and all.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Space XIII

Wind, apocalyptic wind … or winds … tulip sprout after snow/ice storm and with plastic floats and cardboard pizza falls

Mighty porch … do porches do like they did, a reminder from the box in the closet about porches and same spring some time ago

Reminder: fall. drink from the mason jar heavily water marked hooch

Grass has that shape that wants to be eaten, the cat knows it (little bullet) and we know the well-ness of a calendar full of holes


(Today is the day the mail refuses to run)