Monday, March 12, 2007

Room I

“ever feel .. slumped in a (thing) all slumped in and then, slumped? feels slumped, eh? well, no … how the sky looks down like that … not dark, a particular shape of things already here, there, here, here is my … tie, the tie not here, but the shape the shirt takes where the tie should be, it’s amazing … all in a cover, that’s what they said about the bodies under cover, wrapped up, seeming happy, something … you use a handkerchief? … this isn’t the battle of ‘who gets to sit where’ but a choice, your choice (absent choice of said choice said) … plug that nerd in … the split of light through the blinds reminds me of the light I saw somewhere where light was splitting through … sit on top of it! … why is your milk leaking? .. so many piles of like piles … ”

Friday, March 09, 2007

Space XII: Angle of Yaw

Absent and hearing: Sue, Tony. Alaska.

AWP: Ah, there you poets are.

Got: READ THIS BOOK: be destroyed by this book, laugh with this book (I feel a Dostoevsky here, here and here in this book): ready, possible ready?: Angle of Yaw by Ben Lerner. This book is everything I love … even has the gold-nasa-cover that I have as an image in a long poem (I have to say that’s why I picked it up, despite the silver seal of “National Book Award Finalist”). This book MUST be read. It is …