Sunday, December 31, 2006

Space IX

Dear outside:

I have shifted enough,

I am ready to drive

again and again to your doors,

again to your doors

full of you presenting your doors.

Thank you for your, again, doors,

it seems (not only) I have

waited for hour doors,

I have been waiting since

I have been born. Thank you

for your doors.

Thank you for dooring so long

the doors that seem doors

are just doors

and the door you are is not plaster.

Stupid, door, you are imagined

door. Imaged.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Denouncement I

No mind is permitted.

Nothing is permitted.

No thing is permitted.

Thought is unpermitted.

No thing, no longer, is permitted.

Motion is expelled.

And those at the boundary are left to boundary.

Spelling: only the concise.

Nothing geets through.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mind II

K and I were talking about blacklists tonight and wondering if they exist now. Not in the past sense, and not in the general now sense, but if it happens. Citizen Kain. Now, the not and now. Freedom of speech splatters possible all over and there is no … But, gossip is taboo in public circles. To do better is to be a to-do-betterer, and to not is not.

Make: school loans go away; poor neighborhoods be common-good neighborhoods; government be (as we are defined) congressional; be good gooders of poor conditions; be in a position to be gooders without feeling too good about it or too far from the done badders; be like “” good; generally define the particular slight in a general feeling of slightedness; be bad, occasionally, at a certain thing; and never bad enough.

What are the black listed slights? Arrested? Seen arrested? Distance the arrest but not. Arrest towards the possible good arrest. Or, are arrests possible?

Words usually bomb, and happen to terrorize, but sometimes destruct. Made in packages meant to be listened to for the fine ticker. Tick.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mind I

Tax. This is free. I’m wondering about the word free.

Between IV

See(ing) means per(cept)
tership. Do (one) does me (an)
a thing done
to do (ne). Ore lan(age)
done up doll like a dole
age of doll, age, doll?

My (oh my, it’s true)
obligation to (these) self
evident (tru) teeth
find th(r)ese in a garden

N(one), (cit)izen w(ill) f(in)d
truth s(elf) (dis)claimer. W(ill)
(dis)claim the(s)evident.